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What does the number next to a user's name mean? How can this level help me?

All of the users on ePlay have the ability to earn levels by spending tokens on the site! The more a user buys and spends tokens on the site, the higher their level will get.

Right now, we have 14 levels in total!

The higher a user's level is, the more likely they are to spend tokens! A high level means that they're one of our VIP users.

Levels are determined by interaction with the site!


Users will be able to use their experience points to buy various fun tools to talk in chats.
We'll be allowing users to curate their experience more by using these experience levels!

Not sure if what you're looking for is a level? Check out our FAQ on badges: What does the badges next to the username mean?

Updated on: 02/05/2021

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