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How do I stream as a couple, or another performer/streamer?

Interested in streaming as a couple, or alongside a guest performer? Here's the easy way to get that setup.

First off, to stream alongside someone else, you need to have them added to your account. Now, where do you find that? On the left—drop down on Content > My Performers.
Click here to set up your performers!

You have two options: to link up with a current ePlay performer, or to invite a new performer to the site.
Two performer options: current or new!

When you click to link up with a current performer, input the E-Mail on their account.
You'll have to ask them what the E-Mail is on their account, and it'll send an invite to them!

When you click to link up with a new performer, input the E-Mail of their account, their stage name, and invite them to the site.
Invite them to ePlay! We'll review their application after they apply.

Updated on: 03/05/2021

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