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Streamer Private 1:1s

We're thrilled to unveil a long-anticipated feature of Private 1:1s that will take your interactions with your fans to the next level!

What are Private 1:1s?
Private 1:1s are personalized, one-on-one sessions between you and your fans, designed to boost your earnings and deepen your connection with your audience.

How do I start using Private 1:1s?
There are a couple of ways to turn on 1:1s
Click on the Private 1:1 tab in the chat

Or On your streaming dashboard, go to your stream settings ⚙️ and navigate to the "Games" tab.

If you are already live, your ⚙️will be in the top right vs the bottom

Or Chat with us and we can do it for you :)

Click on the "Private 1:1" tab and set the price-per-minute or token rate for your sessions.

To maximize your earning potential, ensure Clip Recording for Private 1:1s is enabled.

Make sure to Save :)
Once you've enabled Private 1:1, you can alert everyone in your chatroom by pressing "send" on the pre-written message.

How do I manage requests for Private 1:1 sessions?
Requests can be Approved, Denied, or Scheduled For Later.
Approve: Start the session immediately, putting others in the chatroom in a virtual waiting room.
Deny: Inform the fan they can try again later. They'll need to wait 30 minutes before requesting again.
Later: Schedule the session for a later time. Once the current session ends, the next one will start.
You can only queue one session for "Later" at a time.

Session Completed

After completing a 1:1 session, you'll receive a brief summary, including session duration and estimated earnings.

For more comprehensive metrics on all your 1:1 sessions, click on "My 1:1 Stats".

What happens after a Private 1:1 session ends?
You'll receive a summary, including session duration and earnings. For more detailed metrics, check out "My 1:1 Stats".

Updated on: 03/19/2024

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