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What does the badges next to the username mean?

Noticed those badges next to some usernames on ePlay? Those badges declare the role of the user on the site.

We have four roles right now:

ADMIN: These are ePlay's support members. We can help you on the fly, and provide you with any assistance you need!

MODERATOR: These are the moderators that you appoint to your chat!

PLAYER SUPPORT: These are our streamer support users! We specifically have them positioned to help you on the fly, and report back when you have any additional questions. They're our first line of defense to help you daily.

Our Player Support users have a direct line to us every day! If they offer help, let them know what you might need.

VERIFIED: These are our verified users! These users aren't affiliated with ePlay. Instead, we've verified their identity so that all of their purchases are verified.

The four user badges! 😘✌

Not sure these badges were what you were seeking? Check out our FAQ on levels: What does the number next to a user's name mean? How can this level help me?

Updated on: 02/05/2021

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