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How to set up Clip Recordings

🤔**What is Clip Recording:**
Clip Recording is an exciting feature developed by ePlay to empower content creators by allowing their fans to purchase highlights from live streams. This eagerly awaited feature is a game-changer, promising to enhance the overall experience for both content creators and their audiences.

🗒️ How does Clip Recording benefit creators and audiences?
By enabling fans to relive and share their favorite moments, Clip Recording not only keeps them coming back for more but also boosts the earnings of content creators.

⚙️Setting Up Clip Recordings
Simply navigate to your Live Stream Settings, go to Games, and toggle on the Clip Recording option. It's that simple!

💲 How do I set prices for Clip Recordings?
Once the Clip Recording feature is turned on, you can configure your rate or price per minute. This reflects the amount your fans will be paying to access the recorded clips.

How much do creators earn from each Clip Recording transaction?
💰 Creators earn up to 80% of the gross earnings generated from each Clip Recording transaction, providing a lucrative opportunity to monetize engaging content. To learn more about the RevShare program, click here

Can I edit the set price after enabling Clip Recordings?
💡 Absolutely! You have the flexibility to go back and make edits to the set price at any time, allowing you to adjust based on audience feedback or changing circumstances.

Updated on: 04/30/2024

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