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How the percentage plan works?

ePlay Creators Earnings

1. How are creators paid on ePlay?

Creators on ePlay are compensated through a revenue-sharing (revshare) program. They receive 80% of the money generated from the tips they receive.

2. What is a revshare program?

A revenue-sharing program (revshare) is a payment model where creators earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their content. In the case of ePlay, creators receive 80% of the money generated from tips, providing a transparent and direct way for them to benefit from their content.

3. Do creators earn additional income besides tips?

Yes, creators on ePlay can earn additional income through the referral program. They receive 10% of the money spent by users who sign up through their referral link. This includes referral spend on the entire ePlay site. .

Additionally, if a creator refers someone to the platform, using their referral link, and that referred creator earns $100, the person who made the referral receives $250.

4. How is the token value determined in the revshare program?

In a revshare program like ePlay, the token value may vary depending on the token package purchased by users. Tokens are used for tips and other transactions within the platform. The value of the tokens is influenced by the specific package bought by users.

5. What is the average token value on ePlay?

On average, the token value on ePlay is approximately 0.07. However, it's important to note that this is an average value, and the actual value of tokens may fluctuate based on various factors. At times, the value could be higher or lower than the average, providing a dynamic and potentially rewarding environment for creators.

6. Can creators track their earnings and referral spend?

Yes, creators have access to detailed analytics and reports on their earnings, including tips and referral income. This transparency allows creators to monitor their performance and optimize their strategies for maximizing earnings on the ePlay platform.

7. When does ePlay pay Streamers?

Take a look at the payout dates HERE

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Updated on: 11/22/2023

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