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How the percentage plan works?


Under the Percentage Plan, you earn 80% of all token's value on you, plus another 10% on all referrals!

Here are some additional details:
The actual token value varies depending on how much the fan spent on the tokens package, but you will ultimately earn more for each token you receive.
You can always calculate your monthly earnings.
You can easily translate your token prices from another site to ePlay, making it easier to assess how much you'd like to charge your viewers!

Understanding how the Percentage plan works: as a creator with ePlay, you earn 80% of each token's value. So, if you make 100 tokens, the amount you earn depends on how much a fan spends on each token. For example, if a fan spends 100 tokens, they might spend 3x100 tokens from packages of 200 tokens ($19), 5x100 tokens from packages of 430 tokens ($39), and another 2x100 tokens from packages of 5000 tokens ($399). Here's how the system calculates the earnings:

$19 / 200 tokens -> 100 tokens = $9.50
$39 / 430 tokens -> 100 tokens = $9.00
$399 / 5000 tokens -> 100 tokens = $7.98

So, the streamer will receive 80% of ($9.50 x 3 + $9.00 x 5 + $7.98 x 2) -> 80% of $89.46 -> $71.6.

Do you have any questions about your plan? Feel free to chat with us, Live Chat: it's on this page

Updated on: 03/29/2023

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