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How do standard emotes work in ePlay channels?

Standard emotes are available to all ePlay fans and streamers. These are the standard keyboard emotes that are available, and will allow you to spice up your chat!

How to Access
Click on the "smiley" emote on the chat tab.
You can also type :sm to begin to access the emotes.
A drop down emotes tab will be available.
Your custom emotes will be under its own section, labeled as a star.

To access your emotes, just type a colon character, or " : " on the chat bar, and a dropdown list of emotes and their respective names will appear.

How They Work
Messages with only emotes appear larger in chat.
Emotes with text appear smaller.

Bigger and smaller emotes. 😀

Choosing your standard emote in action!

Want to set up your custom emotes? Check out our guide on them here.

Updated on: 04/22/2022

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