As a way to help you customize your channel for you and your subscribers, ePlay allows streamers to upload their own emotes! These emotes will work alongside the standard emotes available on a channel.

Uploading Your Custom Emotes
Right now, we need to manually upload your custom emotes for you. Please reach out to us with your emote pack at [email protected]
At the moment, we cannot allow animated emotes.
Emotes should be 256x256 pngs (maximum). It's better if they're transparent.
These emotes are only available to your sub club members. If someone tries to choose your emotes, they will immediately be directed to subscribe to your channel.

We're working on expanding our emotes so that you'll be able to have animated ones! Keep an eye on future announcements for when these are available.

Curious about the standard emotes? Check out our FAQ on them here.
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