Now that you're ready to stream with us, it's time to get going!

You can start your stream with the "Go Live" option from your streaming dashboard, or click here.

Click to go live!

Make sure to accept all of the dialogue options to get through. 😉

Once you're on the Dashboard itself, you'll be able to set all the different options for your stream. The first option? Whether to use a streaming app or your browser.

Getting your stream key for OBS—or choose to stream from your browser!

We recommend using OBS or another program like Stream Labs to manage your stream!

The next screen, you need to set your settings for your stream.

Click the gear!

Once you've clicked the gear, set everything you need for your stream. The only thing not here is the tip menu—you'll need to set that through your Streaming Dashboard.

You have a lot of options for your stream!

How do I set up my tip menu?

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