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How do I set up my VIP ticket game?

Want to start setting up your VIP ticket game? Here's the steps to do that.

You will need to be live to reach your VIP game settings!


Click to Go Live. All VIP ticket game setup is done through your streaming dashboard.
Click the gear at the bottom of your streaming window to check your settings.
Click Games to access your VIP games.
Turn on the VIP game.
You have four potential settings for the VIP game:
a) SET A GOAL: Once your chat hits the goal, your chat turns into a VIP show.
b) SET A COUNTDOWN: Set a timer to start your show in 30 minutes or 1 hour! This will let your users know when a show is starting.
c) SET A TIME: Set a time for when your show is going to start.
d) START IT MANUALLY: Or you can switch to VIP whenever you'd like!

1. Click to Go Live!

2. Click gear to reach your settings. Make sure you're live!

3. Click games to access your VIP ticket show game.

4. Click to turn on the VIP ticket show.

5. All of your VIP show settings!


Once you're on the VIP show, your entire chat is decked out in gold. It gives off a premiere experience. 😉😏
This helps you curate who comes into your chat, ensuring that everyone starts off as a paying customer.
Users are still able to tip you during the VIP ticket show!
Your chat and stream is hidden for anyone who hasn't paid to join.

Updated on: 03/24/2021

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