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What can I do if my stream is lagging?

Having problems keeping your stream looking good? Sometimes this can be your stream lagging, or your stream isn't streaming in high definition. Here are some tips for you!


Plug directly into your internet modem! Can't do that because your streaming device lacks an ethernet port? You can get a USB adapter to do the trick for you.
Make sure your internet speed is up to snuff! Run a Speedtest and make sure you're running at least 25MB.
Make sure your OBS settings are ideal. If you're having a hard time keeping your stream looking good, you can adjust your stream to run in 720p.
Having a great video card will help—one with at least 4GB GPU.
Make sure that you only have OBS open to run your stream! Running a lot of processes at once can drive up your CPU.
If you're streaming on a laptop, make sure you keep it plugged in.
Windows computers are better built for a streaming experience! If you're looking into a new machine, look into a minimum of 16GB for your RAM.
If you're watching your chat on the same device, make sure that it's the only tab that's open!
Running a lot of tabs can gradually slow down your computer! The longer a tab has been open, the more wear it'll cause.

What are the recommended settings for OBS?

Updated on: 03/10/2021

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