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How do I stream from my mobile device with Larix Broadcaster?

Larix Broadcaster App (iOS & Android)

Now you can use your phone’s camera to broadcast on ePlay! All you need is a phone with a good camera and one more device (phone/tablet/laptop/PC) to connect to your account to access all of ePlay’s features (including chat).

Note that you cannot see the chat on your phone while you’re using its camera.

How do you go live?

1) You must note down your Server Address and Stream Key (these are your RTMP credentials!), and you can find them in your Streaming Settings in your account.

2) Download Larix – iOS or Android (depending on the operating system of the phone)
3) Open Larix Broadcaster

a. on iOS

i. Press the settings wheel.

ii. Go to ‘Connections’

iii. Click the ‘+’ sign to add the RTMP credentials (your Server + Stream Key)

iv. Set the ‘Target type’ as ‘RTMP authorization’ and paste the URL that is formed by rtmp server & stream key (ie. rtmp://

v. Go to main and press the record button.

b. on Android

i. Press the settings wheel

ii. Go to ‘Connections’

iii. Go to ‘New connection’ to add the RTMP credentials.

iv. Set the ‘Target type’ as ‘Default’ and paste the URL that is formed by RTMP server & stream key (ie. rtmp:// and click SAVE.

v. Go to main and press the record button.

4) Now you are Live! You can check your chat in Streaming Dashboard.

Updated on: 04/14/2021

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