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What are ePlay’s Content Guidelines?

ePlay was built to be a platform that is inclusive of all types of content and content creators. With these benefits, however, we’ve implemented a few restrictions in order to help protect both our creators and fan base. As times evolve, we want to ensure that our streamers are well informed on our current guidelines for the content they are creating and sharing on their ePlay channel.

You can access ePlay’s Content Guidelines here: ePlay’s Content Guidelines at our ePlay Academy.

As our terms evolve, we will update the Guidelines with any new information, and we'll communicate these changes with all ePlay users if and when they're implemented.

ePlay is pro-kink, pro-sex workers and their rights, and any restrictions on what is allowed on the site are not only to to comply with laws and regulations, but most importantly for the safety of our performers.

If you have any questions about what content is allowed on ePlay, please reach out to us. We’re here to help! Chat with us now!

Updated on: 12/18/2021

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