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What if I have questions about ePlay’s practices, any changes in policy, or anything else that might impact my experience on ePlay?

As we continue to grow and enhance our platform, we do so primarily with our streamers’ needs in mind. As technology and trends in the content creator & streaming space evolve, so will ePlay’s capabilities. We are committed to the goal of improving our site with the goal of standing out from other platforms, as well as to provide our users with the best online experience available.

We firmly stand by the idea that our improvement and growth comes from transparency and communication with our creators. As we grow and plan on the future of ePlay, we’ll be forthright about all future and projected updates through focus groups, Q&As, and surveys. Our team at ePlay is open to all feedback and suggestions. After all, this is how our team will build what is truly best for the ePlay community!

If any ePlay user is ever unsure about a (1) new feature (trouble using, bugs, or even suggestions for improvement) or (2) comes across any issues related to the platform’s functionality, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Reach out to our support team right now!

Updated on: 12/18/2021

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