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First and foremost, HAVE FUN! ePlay was created to bring creative individuals and their fans together, and allow you to thrive, knowing that you are part of the community that cares, where your content is safe and your earnings unleashed to their full potential. ePlay allows your creativity to go uncensored (compared to most platforms) but there are simple Content Guidelines you need to abide to.

No minors - ePlay is an adult-only community.

Yourself and ANY person appearing on your content (referred as a "Performer") need to be ID verified at ePlay:
Even if the Performer is not nude or part of SFW content
Only Performers with an ePlay account
For ANY content: your Live Streams, Photos & Videos

We made it easy to work, tag and share content with friends that have reached the age of Majority. You can invite new Performers as well.

ePlay has a Zero-Tolerance policy for any content featuring minors and content that sexually exploits minors. We report content containing child sexual abuse imagery to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who work with global law enforcement agencies.

Who can be on my stream?

Simply put, only YOU and PERFORMERS listed within "My Performers" in your my.eplay admin, can be on your live performances, videos and photos.

This means:
You can NOT show streams, videos or photos from other creators (from ePlay or any other platform)
You can NOT have anyone you don't know or random people show on your stream (even in the background). This includes anyone walking by behind you in an indoor or outdoor setting.
We made it EASY to work with other Performers. Follow the instructions on My Performers page.


Creators should only stream, upload videos and photos that they have made or that they have permission to use.

You can NOT:
Stream content you have not created yourself unless ePlay or yourself have received permission to use it. This includes and is not limited to, any content from other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, and any other websites unless you have received permission from the Creator of that content.
Upload videos you didn't make or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other Creators without permission.
Use trademarks and copyrighted logos unless the company's logo usage rules allow you to do it.

No harmful or dangerous acts

Content showing anyone participating in dangerous activities or encouraging anyone to do dangerous activities. It's important you and your viewers do not put anyone in harmful situations that may lead to injury, including dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks.

No hate speech

Hate speech is not allowed on ePlay. We remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on any of the following attributes:

Immigration Status
Sexual Orientation
Veteran Status

ePlay promotes Racial Equity, Inclusivity, and Tolerance for everyone. We value streamers and creators from all backgrounds so that anyone can succeed on our platform!

No cyberbullying and harassment

You can not show, create or post content (including messages) that encourage cyberbullying and harassment

This includes ANY content that:
Targets individuals for abuse or humiliation
Reveals personal information like email addresses or bank account numbers
Records someone without their consent
Sexually harasses
Encourages others to bully or harass

No content targeting children

You can not post any content targeting children, this includes and not limited to any keyword or text used to describe your streams, your videos, your photos or your channels.
ePlay already uses a filtering system that includes most words or terms we do not allow but any attempt to by-pass this filter will result in your channel being warned and closed if too many complaints are received.

No animals or firearms

Because of the sexual nature of our community, animals and firearms are NOT allowed to be actively involved on ANY stream, video and photo.
We love your furry friends but they can't be performers on ePlay.

No obscenity

Though we welcome creativity on ePlay, any content that violates any local community standard of "obscenity" is not allowed.

This includes any act of a sexual nature involving: bestiality, necrophilia, coprophilia, urine, feces, vomit, blood

No alcohol or illegal drugs

To comply with banking regulations, we do not allow the consumption of alcohol or any illegal drugs for any live performance, video or photo that is distributed via ePlay.

This includes:
Drinking or consuming alcohol
Marijuana consumption in any form (no pipes or smoking devices allowed)
Controlled narcotics and other drugs

Because ePlay is an adult-only community that showcases adult performances, drug consumption is strictly forbidden as it affects the consent of any performer.

No sale of illegal or regulated goods or services

Content intended to sell certain regulated goods and services is not allowed on ePlay.

Don't post content on ePlay if it aims to directly sell, link to, or facilitate access to any of the regulated goods and services listed below. Making the sale of these items or facilitating the use of these services possible by posting links, email, phone number or other means to contact a seller directly is not allowed.

This includes:
Bank account passwords, stolen credit cards, or other financial information
Counterfeit documents or currency
Controlled narcotics and other drugs
Endangered species or parts of endangered species
Firearms and certain firearms accessories
Nicotine, including vaping products
Online gambling sites
Real-life Sex or escort services
Unlicensed medical services
Human smuggling

This policy applies to videos, video descriptions, comments, live streams, and any other ePlay product or feature. Please note this is not a complete list. If you have any questions about your content, please contact our Support Team via email or live chat.

Chat with us!! We understand this can be challenging to understand these guidelines, so if you have any questions or want to check your content does not violate any policy, please reach out.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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