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How do we protect ePlay’s performers from harassment?

ePlay has a zero tolerance policy on all forms of harassment. This includes harassment related to appearance, gender, sexual orientation, race, and even requests around content. If any creator feels uncomfortable with requests that are made of them we support and encourage them to reject it and report it to the ePlay team.

ePlay’s Stance on Hate Speech

In a world of online creators, it’s normal to also encounter “trolls”. When someone decides to approach an ePlay creator with any sort of hate speech, odds are that they’ll engage in similar behavior with other streamers on our platform.

Irrespective of the fan, and whether or not they’ve been a long-term paying user, any form of harassment or abusive behavior that violates our zero-tolerance policy will be treated equally.

Keep in mind that this zero tolerance policy also applies to the performers on ePlay. If any performer engages in the following behavior:

Attempting to poach viewers from another channel or livestream
Directs hate speech toward another streamer or their viewers
Attempts to discredit or harass another streamer on the platform

We will take appropriate action and all access to ePlay will be revoked indefinitely.

If you’re ever unsure about the behavior of an ePlay streamer or fan, please reach out to our support line for assistance. Reach us here right now!

For those “minor” annoyances (spammers, for instance), we do have a mute/ban feature. Need help on how to use the mute/ban feature? Click here for a how-to guide.

Updated on: 12/18/2021

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