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If you're a streamer or content creator, ePlay is the perfect platform to engage with your current fans and quickly expand your fanbase. With ePlay's features, you can create a seamless experience that increases engagement with your fans while monetizing your time, interactions, and content.

Setting up an ePlay Channel is a breeze. Just make sure you have proper identification to verify your age since ePlay is an 18+ community for all users.

✍🏼Complete your Profile

Make ePlayers fall in love with you! Tips for creating your profile!

🎮 Set Up Your ePlay Games!

One of the best ways to level up your live streams and continue monetizing your ePlay Channel content is to ensure that you have set up your ePlay Games properly. This is also one of the easiest ways to earn revenue while streaming to your fans. How to set up games?

💰 ePlay Channel Tip Menu

Preparing a tip menu before hosting a live show on your ePlay channel is the most effective way to engage with your fans and receive tips quickly during the stream. How to set up your tip menu?

📈 ePlay Channel Goal Menu

This is how you set long-term goals for yourself and your users. Typically, these are significant achievements that you want to work towards. Fans love to help you achieve your goals, which gives them a reason to support you and your live show.

💌 Private Messaging

Private Messages enable you to easily and quickly communicate with your fans, even when you are not live streaming. Since fans must purchase Private Messages, as a Streamer & Content Creator, you can earn revenue by connecting with your fans using this feature. All you have to do is inform your fans that they can personally connect with you and even request custom content using the Private Messaging feature within your ePlay Channel. Learn more about how private messaging works!

🎫 VIP Tickets

You can host live directly on your ePlay Channel for special events and VIP shows. This is a fun and easy way to create a more personal connection with your fans. Once you have sold your VIP tickets, your show will start. Only those who purchase the special VIP ticket will be allowed to enter. How to set up VIP Tickets?

🧑‍💻 Connect your Lovense

There are many reasons why streamers and content creators on ePlay use Lovense toys during their live streams. Some want to give their fans full control over how the show will go on, while others want to encourage their fans to play games and make their toys vibrate by tipping. No one reason is better than the other, but both allow creators to monetize their live streams while connecting with and enjoying fan interaction. How to connect Lovense?

⭐ Sub Club

The ePlay Sub Club is a membership site where you can offer exclusive content viewable only by those who are part of your Sub Club. This is a great way to earn additional monthly revenue even when you're not live-streaming or collecting tips! Monthly and yearly subscriptions provide you with a recurring revenue stream and can increase customer loyalty and engagement. How to set up Sub Club?

🎥 Stay Consistent and Start Streaming

We understand that content creation can be time-consuming and require hard work and dedication. Planning and scheduling content in advance is essential to keep your fans engaged and returning for more. If you know you'll be streaming three days a week, consider using two days to create teasers, social media-friendly clips, and photos to help promote your live streams. How to set your Streamer Tags to help users come across your content when browsing!

Updated on: 03/23/2023

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