The team is proud to introduce Private Messaging! It has been a feature requested by both users and streamers for a while and we worked hard to build a solution that is Easy to use, Exciting and Empowering!

Users start a Private conversation after purchasing a PACK of MESSAGES for your channel.
The pack of message they purchase is ONLY for your channel.
Users can send you TIPS via Private Messages

User can not send you Private Messages unless they have purchased a pack, which means, you are paid for each message you receive, and those are paid to your channel right away (even if the messages are not consumed by the user yet)

We made it easy! You just need to select the price (in tokens) of a single message:

and make sure the Private Messaging Game is turned ON at:

Price setting per message

Then the users will be able to buy the following pages:
10 messages
50 messages
100 messages

if you selected a price of 25 tokens per message, the token packages will be priced at:

10 messages = 250 tokens
50 messages = 1250 tokens
100 messages = 2500 tokens

💰 Users will be deducted 1 message per text message, 5 messages per image/audio and 10 messages per video they send.

1- Buying Message Packs

2- Private conversation

3- Private messaging blocked or turned off

Where can they start a Private conversation with me?
Users can start a conversation from a few locations:
- Private Tab on your Chatroom
- Message me button on your Channel
- "start" button from their Private Messages list

Can Users send Private Messages when I'm offline?
Yes, they can! If you're not around, you will receive an email to let you know you have unread messages waiting in your inbox.

Where can I receive my Private Messages?
You can read all of your messages from ePlay right now. You will receive an email

What is the number I see in the top right?
This number is the amount of messages the User has purchased, so you know exactly how many they have left.

Can I start a conversation with a User?
At the moment, you can not. The User has to be the one initiating the private message conversation.

Can I send them Photos and Videos?
Yes, you can! At the moment, the files you send to them are "free" but very soon, those files will need to be paid to be unlocked!

Can I block a User?
If you blocked a user in your chatroom, that same user will also be blocked from using Private Messaging on your channel. You can also block a User by tapping on his avatar and selecting "Block User" on the flyover

Do I get paid if I don't open an attachment/file?
Absolutely, you are not obligated to open any attachment to get paid for that message.

Can I turn off Private Messaging?
Yes, you can! Simply go Game Setup and turn off "Private Messaging"

We are already working on a lot of add-ons to private messaging:
Send + Receive audio
Reply via email
Share content via Private Messages
Sound notifications
Browser notifications

Have fun and let us know any feedback or ideas on how we can keep improving our Private Messaging service! -Clement, CEO at ePlay

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