Want to stand out from everyone else? Your profile is the first step to that.

Head over to your profile at my.eplay.com.

Make sure you're logged in before you head over!
Once you're at your profile editing page, fill everything out!
Pick a unique cover photo—one that helps you stand out!

No nudity in the cover photo! Keep that safe for work for now. We're a bit more flexible when it comes to the content of the streams themselves!
Pick a great profile pic. It's the first image most people will see when they search for you, or someone like you. 😉
Pick a neat offline photo. This is where we recommend that you have a bit of fun!

Avatars and cover photos can be a max of 12MB, and we allow jpg, jpeg, and png files!
Set up as much information as possible to bring in viewers! Customization will make you stand out.
Then setup tips!

Filling out your profile in its entirety can really make you stand out. Plus, getting it started is key to going live! Our systems do a check to make sure you have what you need in place first.

Filled out your profile and still can't go live? Check out our help article on this! Why won't my stream go live after I've set everything up?

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