What are games? How do I install them?

Games are ePlay's form of gamification for both you and your users.

While you may be an older user of our site and may recall that we once had little games to play on each channel, we now only refer to these as our different channel setups.

To get your games set up, navigate over to the menu to choose the different games:

Click to set up games!

Once you've done that, you'll be able to see our four available games:

The four games at Eplay!

As for our four games, they are:

The tip menu. This is the best way to interact with your users.
How do I set up my tip menu?
The goal menu. That's how you set long term goals for you and your users. Typically, these are showstopping acts that you want to build toward!
Private messaging. This is for private messaging with your users!
VIP Tickets. This is for special events and VIP shows that you can put on!

Keep in mind that once you've clicked to set up a game, you will need to make sure that you've installed the game.

Make sure to click to install!

Updated on: 08/17/2023

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