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How do I set up or update my payment settings?

After you've been approved as a streamer for ePlay, it's time to set your payment settings.

To get started, head over to (while logged in) and head to Payments > Payment Settings:


About Payments:
Choose between paper check, wire transfer, MassPay or Paxum!
We pay on the 1st and 15th of every month with a 2 weeks delay (ie: Any earnings made between the 1st - 15th, are paid on the 1st the following month)
Minimum payment is $50 (except for wire transfers, the minimum is $500)
Gross earnings are calculated after bank fees, and net payout amounts may include deductions such as fraud & banking fees.

To learn more about ePlay's payment methods, check out our FAQ on ePlay's payment methods!

Setting Up Payments:
Navigate over to your Payment Settings:

Once there, click "Edit Payout Details."

From there, input your payment information - first, click on the method you prefer:

Put in your payment details! 😊

And then click next!

We'll review your request to update your payment information ASAP. If it's over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) it may take longer. We'll let you know if we need to request any additional changes, or need to decline your payment update.

Any questions? Chat with us! it's on this page 😀

Updated on: 04/30/2024

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