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Can I receive tips even if I’m not live on ePlay?

We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your channel on ePlay. That’s why you can now receive tips even when you’re offline. We’ve even developed a special system to help highlight incoming tips that you received during that time—and to showcase your loyal viewers!


First, your user goes to the tip function pictured below.
They just need to click on tip!
Once they’ve tipped over 100 tokens, they’ll be featured in an e-card notification on your channel feed. You can drop them a like to make sure they know you’ve seen it!
This is what the e-card looks like!


We want you to be able to build revenue even when you’re offline! By having larger tips show up on your feed, you’re able to use your feed to encourage tips around the clock.
It’s a great way to drive engagement to your channel. An active feed will draw more eyes to everything you do on ePlay!
We’re letting fans be flexible, too—if they don’t want to be noticed that way, they can delete the post announcing their token donation! You’ll still have a record of it on your backend.

Updated on: 01/27/2022

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