Are you interested in performing for ePlay? In order to apply to stream, we need to make sure that you have documents that we're able to verify.

Before we get into a great picture to help you out, some dos and don'ts for you:

Make sure that you've gone into a brightly lit room before you take your photo!
Make sure to use an officially sanctioned ID (a state or government issued ID like a passport, identification card, or driver's license)!
Make sure that you fill out all of the information on your application. We will keep this information secure.

Don't take a picture in a dark room where we can't make out your face or the information on your ID.
Don't use an unofficial ID (medical insurance card, a school ID, a library card, etc.).
Don't use an ID that's expired! If your ID is expired, wait until you get your new ID and apply again.

While it's not involved in the application process, keep in mind that applying as a streamer DOES NOT give you special access to other performers on ePlay. If you express interest in this and we have reason to believe it's unwelcome, we will deactivate your account and decline your application.

As for visual representation, please view our image below:

Please review this helpful guide for our identification process!

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