How do I fill out an application for ePlay?

How to Apply to be a Streamer

1. Navigate to

2. Click to verify that you are at least 18 years of age

3. Click to agree on the content and community guidelines.

4. Click "Start Your Channel"

5. Click the "First name" field.

6. Click this date field.

7. Click here.

8. Click "Proceed"

9. Select your earning plan

10. Click "Proceed"

11. Select which option you would like to verify your identity

12. Click "Proceed" or "verify," depending on the method

13. Old fashioned: Click the "Document File" field.

14. Click "Proceed"

15. Click the "Document File" field.

16. Click "Proceed"

17. Click the "Name" field.

18. Click the "Address" field.

19. Click "Select a country"

20. Click the "City" field.

21. Click "Select a state"

22. Click the "Postal code" field.

23. Click the "Tax ID / EIN" field.

24. Click "Submit"

25. Click the "Sign with your Name" field.

26. Click here.

27. Click "I agree"

Updated on: 02/14/2023

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