Can I apply again if my documents weren't approved?

Of course! Whether it's because your auto-verification didn't work out, or your documents weren't clear, we're always happy to reach out and ask for additional images so that we can get you started with streaming at ePlay.

The Process for Resubmitting

We'll send you an E-Mail when we need new images from you. If you're uncertain, please send those images to [email protected]!
Once we receive your new files, we'll review them and let you know if we need anything else. :)

Reasons Why We Might Ask You to Resubmit

If your photo ID is expired. We'll let you know that your ID is expired or expiring, since it won't be current with ePlay.
If we can't make out the information in the photo so that we can verify your identity.
If you provided a photo that's a paper scan of your ID. Unfortunately, we do need to see the real deal!

Have any other questions? Check out our FAQ on What documents do you accept for streamer applications?

Updated on: 03/13/2021

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