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What are Virtual Gifts?

Virtual Gifts are a more personal way of setting goals between you and your fans. Once a Virtual Gift has been bought by one of your viewers, it'll be permanently removed from your list.


Head over to Monetization > Virtual Gifts.
1. Head over to Monetization > Virtual Gifts.
Input your gift and the cost, and once it's ready, make sure to set it as Listed.

2a. Head over and begin to input your gift. Make sure it's listed!

2b. This is what it looks like when it's set up under
Once it's live, you can see it on your profile!

3. Here's what a Virtual Gift looks like while live!


Not sure what to set up as a Virtual Gift? Here's some ideas:
New toys
Nintendo Switch or Playstation 5
Half or all of your rent
Pints of ice cream
Anything you can think of!

When your fan buys your Virtual Gift, it's taken off your profile. And if they don't buy it anonymously, they get an automatic shout out on your feed!

Updated on: 06/17/2022

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