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How do I monetize my social media handles?

Whether you want to give your social media handles away for free on ePlay or have someone pay, you can set them all up under Monetization > Social Connections.

To get them set up, head over to Monetization:

Once you've clicked through, you'll likely get a page that looks a lot like this at first:

Click "Add your first social network" or "Add social network" to get started!

Once you've clicked through, you can begin to add your socials, choosing between "Free" or "Paid." You can see those steps in the images below.

Here's an example with a paid Twitter handle.

Here's the next page with the paid Twitter handle: you set up the reward there!

Once you have a handle set up as Free or Paid, it'll look a lot like the image below.

Click the Edit Box to edit the handle, or the Trash Can to delete the handle!

When your customers pay for a handle, they get an E-Mail with that handle soon afterward. You don't need to give it out yourself!

Updated on: 02/26/2021

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