Using Kiiroo with ePlay

How to use Kiirro with ePlay

Looking to spice up your streams? Kiiroo presents an intriguing alternative to Lovense.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Does Kiiroo integrate with OBS?
A: You MUST integrate Kiiroo with OBS to use the Kiiroo toys on ePlay. Download OBS here

Q: What else is needed to use Kiiroo on ePlay?
A: Besides OBS, you will also need a FeelPerformer Account.

Q: Does Kiiroo directly connect to the ePlay Streaming Dashboard
A: No, Kiiroo does not have a direct ePlay extension. You would need to use the FeelPerformer account and stream through OBS.

Q: How do I start using Kiiroo
A: Here is a step-by-step guide to start using Kiiroo.

Kiiroo is not fully integrated with ePlay because of that, you will not see the who tipper is, this might change in the future but for now, we are not planning to fully integrate with Kiiroo.

Updated on: 09/28/2023

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