What is a Sub Club?
A Sub Club is your own membership site! Your Fans can subscribe to your channel's Sub Club to unlock:
Low latency + Source streams
Sub Badge in Chat
Exclusive Emotes (coming soon)
Sub only Content

Why you should have one:
Build a monthly recurring revenue
Earn while you sleep!
Easy to setup
No maintenance fees, we do it all for you

How much do I earn?
Everyone, no matter the earning plan that you picked, is receiving 80% revshare.
Refunds and chargebacks for Sub Club subscription are deducted from your Earnings.

If your membership price is $10 per month, then your earning is $8 per month and with 1,000 Subscribers, you will earn $8,000 per month!

Do I still earn 10% revshare for referrals on Sub Club subscriptions?
YES! If you selected the "Percent Earning" Plan and you refer a user to ePlay, then when he signs up to your Sub Club you will earn:

80% revshare (subscription) + 10% revshare (referral) = 90% revshare!

How do I set it up?
Simply select your Monthly Price from $3 to $29 per month. Your Monthly Price might be capped at $9, as we unlock higher monthly prices based on the amount of followers you currently have on ePlay. Want to charge more? Simply email us at [email protected] or chat with us, we can help you!

ePlay will display 2 options for your fans:

Monthly Membership
Yearly Membership (price of 10 months, 17% OFF)

If you set your monthly price at $5 /month, then the yearly membership will be set at $50 /year

How do I refer Users to my Sub Club?
It's simple, they can go your channel page and then the Sub Club tab or you can give them the direct link to it: https//www.eplay.com/your-username/subclub
and change your-username with your channel's username

Any user going to your channel, your chatroom, sub club or any of your posts will be assigned to your account upon signing up, and count as a referral!

How do I add content for my Subscribers?

When creating a new post, simply select: Monetization > Free for Subs
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