While signing up to be a streamer with Eplay, you have an option between two different payment plans with the site: our percentage plan and our flat plan.

You earn between 63% or 80% of all tokens that are spent on you.

This percentage varies depending on how much the customer spent on the tokens package, but ultimately comes down to you earning more on each token you receive.
There’s a good chance that you’ll always be earning more under our percentage plan, as it works to apply to all different types of viewers and users on ePlay!
Under this plan, you’ll be making .084 dollars (8.4 cents) per token on average, though it’s likely to end up being more than that!

You’ll earn either .055 dollar (5.5 cents!) or .07 dollars (7 cents!) per token on our flat plan.

You’ll always be able to do the math to figure out what you’re getting paid that month!
You’ll be able to translate any of your tokens prices from another site straight over to ePlay, making it easier to assess how much you’d like to charge your viewers!

ePlay’s earning plans come with a caveat—if you’re just streaming with us exclusively, or if you’re streaming on multiple platforms. We want to give you as much of an incentive as possible to stream with ePlay regularly!

You have a choice between .07 cents for the Flat Plan or 80% of all earnings on the Percentage if you’re an ePlay exclusive streamer.
But if you’d like to keep reaching a wider swath of users on multiple platforms, you’ll have a choice between .055 for the Flat Plan or 63% of all earnings on the Percentage Plan.

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